Let our customers tell you about the advantages of e-park.

Aalborg Airport Hotel –using the reception module

”Providing good service is what we're all about, and so e-park is the perfect guest parking solution. Our guests do not have to stand in line or return to their cars with a parking permit. Registration is quick and easy, and our guests receive a confirmation on their mobile phones. We highly reccomend e-park to others who have a need for parking permits"

Anemette Bühlmann, Aalborg Airport Hotel

Chr. Olesen og Co. – using both self-service and reception module

”Our guests are very happy to skip the trip back to the car with a guest permit, and our employees no longer need a hard copy parking permit in their cars. Setting up e-park was incredibly easy. Being able to pre-register parking for e.g. builders is a great advantage saving time for everyone. 

Sarah Holden, Chr. Olesen & Co. A/S


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e-park is only available with parking supervision from Q-Park

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