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Career at Q-Park

Find out what it is like to work at Q-Park as a parking supervisor, parking facility host or at the head quarters in Søborg.
Control Fee Agent at Q-Park

Your shift, day or night, starts when you arrive at the office in your zone. You log in to the roster before collecting the car keys and the list of parking areas in your zone.

Your job is to stop the abuse of parking spaces for the owners who have asked Q-Park to supervise their properties. You ensure that motorists do not park in violation of the rules and take the parking space away from those who have the right to use it. For example residents of a building or employees of a company. Their spaces must be available when they need them.

You work independently and have a lot of freedom with responsibility. At the same time, your colleagues are with you on the phone if you need them.

The parking lot owners can call 24 hours a day and report misuse of their parking spaces. If it happens on your watch, you respond immediately.

When your shift ends, you fill up the car and drop it off at the office ready for your colleague to take over.

Parking Host at Q-Park

Your shift begins when you arrive in one of Q-Park’s multi-storey car parks in one of Denmark’s larger cities. You start by checking that everything is in order.

A large part of your job is making sure that the car park is clean and tidy and that everything in is working order. Your car park must be welcoming and parking here should be a positive experience.  

You plan your own work. You know when a staircase needs cleaning or a pay station needs a refill of receipt paper. You are able to think fast and creatively. If a problem arises, you find the solution.

If a lift is out of order, you fix it. If a pay station causes problems, you manage that as well.

You call a technician whenever needed, but you fix most things yourself. If something needs painting, you paint it. If something needs repairing, you repair it. Alternatively, you find someone to do it.

You are the host and you talk with many customers during your shift. You greet customers and you even might get a chance to say goodbye to some of them. You help your customers if they need.

If you work in Copenhagen, you will most likely stay in the same parking facility throughout the shift. If you work in Jylland or Fyn, you will probably be in charge of all Q-Park’s multi-storey car parks in your city.

Customer service

Q-Park’s customers can call us 24 hours a day every day year round. From our supervised open-air car parks or our closed multi-storey car parks. In Q-Park’s Service Centre, you and your colleagues work in shifts, ready at all hours to handle calls from customers with urgent problems, which need solving immediately.

On big screens, you can see what is going on in Q-Park’s multi-storey car parks. You can see the pay stations, entry and exit ramps and all entrances. When the customer presses the button and the call comes in, you can see them and provide them with very specific guidance.

You can also receive calls from customers at the open-air parking facilities we supervise. You cannot see the customers there, but you know all of our parking facilities, and you can assist customers regardless of their location and the nature of their problem.

You also reply to questions by email and assist customer with their queries, e.g. how to make a parking voucher work or finding the best place to park.

You work independently and think on your feet because you rarely have time to get back to the customers at a later point. They call and need help right away, and you’re the one to find the solution. Your contact with each customer is brief. When your shift is over, your colleagues take over and take new calls.