Parking supervision


e-park is Q-Parks digital parking solution.

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Digital parking solution

e-park is Q-Park's digital solution for parking permits. Q-Park was among the very first in Denmark with digital parking solutions.

During the development, user-friendliness has been the main focus, for both you as a parking space owner, but also for the users of the parking space, in order to make it easy and simple to park. With e-park, you get rid of physical permits and can manage residential and business parking in a simple way. We also offer self-service stacks which are particularly suitable for companies.


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This is how a digital parking solution works The individual user manages their parking permit themselves online. It provides less administration, no waiting time and maximum control for both administrator and user.

Administrator creates the user in e-park. The user receives a confirmation by e-mail or SMS and manages his permission himself. Everything is done digitally – no physical parking permits that have to be handed out, replaced or remembered in the car.
Residential parking

With e-park, residents can manage their parking themselves with our user-friendly app. Residents can easily and quickly get access to a fixed permit that provides unlimited parking on their property. They can edit number plates when they get a new car or have a loaner car and can issue guest permits to their visitors.

In addition, we have developed an e-park website, which is used by you as the property administrator, to administer the permits for the residents. Here you can assign, change and delete permissions with a few clicks. Q-Park also offers a check of permits for residents via postings in the DMR (Danish Motor Register), to avoid misuse of a permit. It is a service that makes it very simple to manage licenses for the residents.

Commercial parking

e-park can also be used for employees and guests at a workplace. The employees can easily manage their permanent permits and number plates through the e-park app and the website.

The administrator has full control over permissions, including granting, issuing and removing permissions. The front desk can also easily issue temporary guest permits and ensure that company guests have a hassle-free parking experience. You can also choose the self-service solution for guests, so that they themselves register their guest permit. Guest permits can be issued in many different versions by agreement.

Hospital parking

Safe and stress-free parking. Digital parking permits in e-park are a really good solution for staff parking at hospitals. The time spent on administration is minimal and there are no bottlenecks. Staff can manage their own digital parking permits online.

Patients and relatives can also easily and quickly park and then register their parking in e-park at the hospital's entrances.

Control of entered registration number Regardless of the context in which e-park is used, a check of the entered registration number ensures that the possibility of errors is reduced. This ensures that you avoid a control fee for a typing error. The check shows the make and color of the car and thus helps the parker to make a correct registration.

E-park is also prepared for third-party integrations with other systems.