Parking Supervision

In need of effective parking supervision of your parking spaces?

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Do you need effective parking control for your parking facility?

We tailor your parking solution to your target group and analyse your parking area to find the best use of your parking spaces. 
Whether you need paid parking, parking permits, time limits, a specific set of rules or a special combination, we have the solution for you.

Our control fee agents kindly but firmly ensure that the rules are observed, and we provide clear signage in your space.

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Operational Reliability You can be sure that the operation of your parking area works optimally both now and in the future.

All pay stations receive regular service inspections, and of course we have fixed service agreements with all suppliers. Signs and other equipment are regularly checked when the control fee agents check the parking spaces. We constantly optimise the operation of parking areas and find better solutions, so you are guaranteed operational reliability, earnings and satisfied users.

The operation of your parking spaces is also ensured by Q-Park's quality assurance programme. Our permanent quality inspector visits all car parks 8 times a year and goes through a pre-defined control scheme which is suitable for the individual space.

If there are still urgent problems with e.g. a pay station, you can always contact the 24/7 Q-Park Service Centre.
Trained Control Fee Agents on a Collective Agreement The control of your parking spaces is carried out by Q-Park's professional control fee agents. They are certified by the industry association DPPB and trained at our own academy. They carry out the control of your parking spaces in uniform and in visibly marked cars.

All control fee agents at Q-Park are permanent employees on a collective agreement. We do not use any form of incentive pay, so you can be absolutely sure that our agents will only issue the control fees that are necessary.
24/7 Service Centre

If the users of your parking spaces have questions or need help, Q-Park's Service Centre is always ready.

Trained employees are on the phones around the clock every day of the year. They know your parking spaces and their rules. Therefore, they can answer all questions and solve problems here and now. The Service Centre contact information is of course clearly visible on all signs and pay stations in your parking facility.

Do you need us to send a control fee agent urgently to one of your parking facilities to prevent abuse?

Call the Service Centre around the clock on +45 7025 7213. We are here to help.

Control Fee Department Professional case workers in our Control Fee Department handle inquiries from users of your parking spaces who have received control fees. Parking in your parking spaces is reserved for those who fall under your set of rules. For example, customers, residents or just motorists who remember to set the parking disc. Regardless of which set of regulations applies to your parking spaces, violations will occur, which will result in an control fees.

Control fees raise questions. Perhaps the driver does not understand why we have issued a control fee. Perhaps the driver thinks that the control fee has been issued incorrectly. There may be a lot of emotion involved. The case workers can often clear up misunderstandings and close inquiries on the first call. Alternatively, the customer has the option of submitting a written complaint via our website.

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