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Parking supervision on private public road

How to secure your parking space in front of your home
Parking control on your road

Do you come home to a road full of cars that don't belong to you or your neighbours? So you can't park by your home. Maybe with heavy shopping bags and tired children. It's a frustrating experience!

The solution may be to introduce parking control on your road. It requires a permit from your municipality, which Q-Park can help obtain. We know which parametres the municipalities place emphasis on when they process applications for parking control on private shared roads.

Application for parking control on a private shared road with Q-Park as a partner If your landowner association or road association wants to introduce parking control, please contact us for thorough guidance and the right solution. We assist you all the way through the process from application to implemented parking control.
Good advice for parking control on private shared roads
  • Start by getting approval at the general meeting of the landowner association/road association.
  • Consider whether you can team up with nearby landowner associations or road associations that may even have roads located in a natural flow with your own roads. It is often easier to get permission from the municipality to introduce parking control if it is a slightly larger area.
  • Take Q-Park along for advice already in the design of your application. With our experience, we can jointly design the best possible application, hopefully shorten the processing time and minimise the risk of rejection.
An agreement with Q-Park

When you have permission from the municipality and the police, we can enter into an agreement on parking control on your road. We can determine the rules for parking permits for residents and guests on your road, just as we agree on the start-up of the parking control itself.

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