What is CSR to Q-Park ?

We work for traffic safety, health, and social responsibility.

Q-Park has an extensive CSR programme based on our common mission, vision and values.

The CSR programme is carefully structured to meet the challenges characterising the modern urban environment.

Q-Park has drawn up a number of well-defined objectives, which we use to measure our progress. In Denmark, our CSR board consisting of employee representatives and a member of management determines which CSR initiatives Q-Park will support each year. 


We work within three areas:

  • Traffic Safety
  • Social Responsibility
  • Health


The funds come from misuse of disabled parking 

Q-Park Disabled parking signage 

The funds for our CSR work come mainly from misuse of disabled parking spaces in the car parks that we manage.  

In 2014, the Danish Parliament decided to double the penalty for misuse of disabled parking – i.e. to the amount of two control fees – and Q-Park did the same. Since then, we have earmarked this extra control fee for charity. 

Q-Park's CSR logo

To find out more about Q-Park’s coordinated CSR programme please visit our corporate website. Read more here

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