Parking Solutions for Business and Residential

Employee Parking

Do you need parking for your employees?
We have the solution for you Regardless of whether you need easy and user-friendly administration of parking permits, efficient parking control or space in one of our many parking facilities.

We have both solutions for companies with their own private parking spaces and for companies located inside the city without their own parking spaces.
Is your business located in the city and you don't have your own parking spaces?

Then we have space for your employees in one of our centrally located parking facilities. Here, your employees can get exactly the parking season ticket that suits their needs - and they can even share the season tickets. In our Business Portal, you can easily distribute the parking rights, and employees can manage their season tickets in the Q-Park App.

Do you have parking spaces at your company?

With e-park you get digital parking permits with minimal administration and better service for employees- and guests. Employees manage their parking permits , which need never be renewed or replaced. Guests and customers register their number plates - or you do it for them - and get temporary parking permist, which can easily be extended.