Q-Park’s customers can call us 24 hours a day every day year round. From our supervised open-air car parks and from telecom buttons entry and exit barriers and pay stations in Q-Park’s multi-storey car parks. In Q-Park’s Service Centre, you and your colleagues are ready at all hours to handle calls from customers with urgent problems, which need solving immediately. You share the 24 hours between you. Some of you work during normal office hours; some start work later in the day and some will not be there until the night shift begins.

On the big screens, you can see what is going on in Q-Park’s multi-storey car parks. You can see the pay stations, entry and exit ramps and all entrances. When the customer presses the button and the call comes in, you can see the customer and provide very specific guidance.

Q-Park Servicecenter, Customer service 


You can also receive calls from customers at the open-air car parks we supervise and patrol. You cannot see the customers at the open-air car parks, but you know all of our parking facilities, and you can assist customers regardless of their locations and the nature of their problem.

Customers also email us. You will reply to their questions by email and assist them with their queries, e.g. how to make a parking voucher work or finding the best place to park if they are planning a trip.

You work independently and you think on your feet because you rarely have time to get back to the customers at a later point. They need help right away, and you’re the one to find the solution. Your contact with each customer is brief. They call and you help them with their query. When your shift is over, your colleagues take over and take new calls from new customers.