Tell us about your day?

I am an accounts payable bookkeeper, so I handle all incoming invoices. I register them in our system and make sure they are approved and ready for payment on time. In addition, I also work with write-offs on facilities. My days are all very much the same because all invoices need to go through the same process. However, the pressure is a bit higher at the beginning and end of the month and at the beginning of each quarter.


What is working for Q-Park like?

In general, people are very positive here at Q-Park. I think we are very good at caring for each other. Doing things properly is clearly very important to everybody in the organisation. We try to do things right and with respect.


Which part of your job do you most enjoy?

The best thing about my job are my colleagues! And I obviously enjoy working with accounts payable invoices. It puts me in contact with many of my colleagues from various departments. We often have questions regarding an invoice, and I have to go and talk to people to get the answers that I need. I also really like having a huge pile of invoices on my desk and working my way through it during the course of the day. It’s a good feeling to be able to say, “Well, I just handled 100 invoices today”. Moving stacks of invoices is very satisfying to me.


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Have you been with Q-Park long?

I have been here since the autumn of 2014.


How do you live up to our motto ’Quality in parking’?

In the accounts department we always follow the rules and procedures. It is in the nature of the job. Often, any loose ends will become apparent in our department. We try to sort everything out in cooperation with the involved colleagues. I always try to have a positive attitude towards my colleagues, and I hope that I contribute to making their day better.