Tell us about your day?

My day is busy! In addition to being a parking attendant, I am also in charge of the cars in my district. I have at least 50 different tasks every day. I work nine or 10 hours a day and I have lots to do – with the cars and as a parking attendant.

I start work at 6.30 am in the multi-storey car park where we start our shifts to prepare the cars for all my lovely colleagues. I make sure that the cars are clean, in working order and kitted with the necessary equipment. When my colleagues come in, I hand out the keys and start my shift as a parking attendant, which starts at 8.00 am and ends at 3.30 pm. During the day, my colleagues might need assistance with their cars, and I go back to the car park to sort it out.


What is working for Q-Park like?

It’s great working for Q-Park. I like it a lot here. I have great colleagues, and new things happen all the time. There’s always some exciting activity going on.


Which part of your job do you most enjoy?

I like the mechanic part of my job. I trained as a mechanic, and I enjoy working on the cars. But I also like being a parking attendant, and I enjoy getting out every day and meeting so many nice people.

Something new happens every day; I get to see new parking areas and new people. You experience so many things when you work ‘on the street’.

I have lovely colleagues, and we have a great manager. In principle, my job is a bit like being self-employed. Obviously, we have to patrol the supervised car parks and issue control fees if people break the rules. 


Q-Park parking attendant 


Have you been with Q-Park long?

I have been here since the summer of 2016.


How do you live up to our motto ’Quality in parking’?

It means a lot to me that the cars are all sorted. They need to be ready for my colleagues so that they don’t have to think about it. I also make sure that every day is a fresh start. We do sometimes encounter people who are not big fans of parking attendants. I really don’t understand why since all we do is enforce the rules and regulations. I make sure we talk about that, but also about other things so we can start each day in good spirits.