A short history of Q-Park

Q-Park is one of Europe’s leading private parking companies with more than 670,000 parking spaces in more than 3,450 high-quality parking facilities in 7 countries.

Q-Parks is one of Denmark’s largest private parking companies.  We have owned and managed open-air car parks and high-quality multi-storey car parks at central locations in Denmark since 2005.

Here, we have developed and built parking facilities such as the Grønnegade car park in downtown Odense – near a number of Odense’s cultural offers. In Copenhagen, Q-Park owns parking facilities such as the newly and fully renovated parking facility on Israels Plads adjacent to Torvehallerne and Nørreport Station and near Strøget and several of the city’s theatres and parks. 

Q-Park entered the Danish market in 2005 with the acquisition of DK Parkering. Shortly after, we opened Q-Park Vesterport – the first Danish parking facility fully renovated in Q-Park’s recognisable house-style, which is now in our car parks in major cities across the country. 

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Quality in parking - Q-Park's motto 

The car is the preferred means of transportation for many people and has many advantages. It is flexible and always available and can take you from door to door in way that is both private and relatively inexpensive.

The challenge lies in too many people wanting to park in the same place. More and more people work and live in urban environments, and the number of cars is ever increasing. 

Regulated and paid parking is the answer to many of the current and future challenges of the continuously expanding urban environments. 
Q-Park’s objective is to make parking a welcome and positive part of any journey. A pleasant parking experience contributes positively to people’s perception of their visit, journey, shopping or commute. 

Intelligently designed parking solutions in central locations and connected to public transportation are an important part of modern society. Parking in purpose-built buildings makes much better use of space in cities and creates an urban environment with room for people. 

We work with local authorities, developers, institutions and investors to design, upgrade and manage parking facilities that enhance the value of cities and regions.