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Sustainable mobility

Read more about our sustainable mobility hubs here.
Last mile solutions

As a sustainable mobility partner, we combine public and private means of transport with both private and public parking facilities. By meeting the various needs of residents, commuters, visitors and other needs in urban areas, sustainable mobility becomes a reality. Our last mile solutions mean that our customers can park, charge the car and get on by public transport or bicycle.

Parking is crucial for a good city infrastructure

We help to plan the cities so that there is room for people and life, and for us all can get from A to B together. We also develop many of our parking facilities in collaboration with municipalities and public authorities, as the amount of cars in the cities is a societal challenge that the public sector cannot solve alone.

Q-Park renovates, optimizes and designs parking facilities and intelligent parking solutions in central locations. See examples of how here.

Mobility Hub video Q-Park Vesterport is one of our Mobility Hubs. Here we offer parking, electric charging of your car and last mile solutions such as public transport nearby and cycling options. See what else Q-Park Vesterport has to offer here.
Sustainability We get it: cities are for people. People, green spaces and cyclists are all part of it. We are motivated to think in smart mobility solutions. We move cars from streets to car parks. We collaborate with public transport providers to enable smooth transfers and work with partners to turn car parks into Mobility Hubs. We install EV charging points. We strive to be as sustainable as possible. We are committed to a liveable and sustainable society.