Why does Q-Park issue control fees?

  • Q-Park issues control fees to enforce the rules and regulations and regulations in private car parks, which we monitor on behalf of the owner.
  • You might find it annoying that you cannot park in a vacant parking space without receiving a control fee.
    However, you have driven into a private area. The same as if other people drove into your driveway and parked there. 
  • We monitor private car parks where the owner has asked us to make sure that the rules and regulations and regulations are observed.
    These could be in connection with a housing association residential property, a workplace or a shop.
  • The owner decides who is permitted to park in the car park. Parking in these private car parks is intended for specific users,
    such as the residents of the housing association, the employees at the workplace or shop customers.
  • The owner of the car park has engaged the services of Q-Park to ensure that parking spaces are available to the people entitled to use them. 
    You can read more about the legislation covering private parking companies here