Product Terms and Conditions

Product Terms and Conditions

Season ticket

  • We send all our mail as express mail. If you have not received your season ticket within 4-6 days, please contact us at, so we can send you a new one. 
  • If your season ticket does not work or has been lost, please send an email to Please state your customer number.
    If you are able to return the old card, we would like it back. You can return it in person or send it by mail to: 

    Q-Park Operations Denmark A/S
    Gladsaxevej 378, 3. sal 
    DK-2860 Søborg
    Att.: Sales and Service 

  • If you wish to cancel your season ticket, please send you cancellation request to Please state your customer and card numbers, and the desired cancellation date. We will send you a confirmation. If you are cancelling your season ticket due to problems/dissatisfaction with your season ticket, we would like to hear the reason.

    NB! Please note that your cancellation date depends on your invoice date. Cancellation must be no later than 30 days prior to your invoice date. See the settlement dates below:  

    • Monthly settlement takes place on day 30/31 of the month
    • Quarterly settlement takes place on 31 March, 30 June, 30 September and 31 December
    • Half-yearly takes place 15 Juni and 15 December. 

    If you are able to return your card, we would like it back. You can return it to us in person or send it by mail to: 

    Q-Park Operations Denmark A/S
    Gladsaxevej 378, 3. sal 
    DK-2860 Søborg
    Att.: Sales and Service

  • Log on to and select the car park you wish to order a season ticket for (select from the list of car parks). You can also see an overview of Q-Park season tickets here.

Control fee

  • Use the payment information that is available on the bottom of the white page on the control fee, starting with +71<.
    The fee must be paid via online banking, in the same way as a giro card.

  • In this case you've got two options:

    1. Send us an e-mail or use the contact form to get in touch and we will send you a copy of the control fee.


    2. Wait to receive the payment reminder approximately 14 days after the control fee has been issued.

  • No. The control fee is the same for everyone and there are no discounts (unlike some government fines such as speeding fines).
  • If you have received a control fee notice which you believe has been issued incorrectly, you can submit an appeal via our website. To ensure proper processing of your appeal, your appeal must be in writing.

    To submit your appeal, you will need your control fee number and infringement number. You will find the infringement number at the top of the fee notice. 

    Find our appeal form here.

  • The parking ticket must always be visible under your windscreen, as this is the only way, the parking attendant can judge whether you have parked your vehicle legally or not. If the ticket is not visible or legible, the parking attendant is unable to read the time the parking ticket was purchased and the expiry time. 

    It is not possible to have the fee cancelled, even if you are able to submit a copy of a purchased parking ticket which covers the parking period. This is because the ticket could theoretically have been placed in another vehicle at the time the control fee was issued, and the ticket therefore cannot serve as proof that the vehicle was legally parked.

    Please also note that a parking ticket from another parking vendor is not valid for areas managed by Q-Park.
  • If you are receiving reminders from Q-Park, it is because the Danish electronic vehicle registration system has informed us that you were the owner of the vehicle at the time the fee was issued. This could mean the vehicle registration has not been transferred, or that this was done too late.
    If you are not the owner of the vehicle, you should send us a copy of the bill of sale/contract and the fee notice, and we will collect the fee from the new owner.
  • If your vehicle was stolen, you should send us a copy of the control fee notice and of the receipt for the police report as documentation. 

    Please note that it is not enough to specify a journal number regarding the police report. 
  • We have a processing time of approx. 2-3 weeks. You do not need to take any further action until you get a response from us, as the fee has been put on hold while the case is being processed.
  • If you do not pay your fee on time, you will receive a service letter in the mail. The service letter reminds you that you have received a fee, and does not include a reminder charge.

    If you still do not pay the fee on time, you will receive a reminder in the mail. We will issue a total of three payment reminders, subject to a reminder charge of DKK 100 each time. 

    If you still do not pay after the third reminder, we will refer the matter to debt collection, which will result in further expenses for you.
  • Q-Park operates under different rules to the government parking authorities. When you park on private land, the landowner decides which rules apply.
    Q-Park and the car park owner jointly ensure that signs are erected that inform users of the parking rules in the area.
    The issue of control fees is based on a purely contractual relationship. When you drive into a private parking area, where signs indicate parking limits and conditions, you are deemed to have accepted the sign conditions. An agreement has thus been entered into between the vehicle driver and Q-Park as the car park administrator. According to established legal practice, an infringement of parking rules results in the issuance of a control fee. Further information regarding contractual matters can be found in section 1 of the Danish Contracts Act.
  • Q-Park works on the basis of other rules than the public parking authorities. If you park in a private area, it is the owner of the area who decides the rules that apply to the area. Q-Park ensures together with the site owner to set up signs that inform about the parking regulations on the area. Issuance of control fees depends solely on contractual conditions.

    By driving into a private car park, where the signage indicates restrictions and conditions for the parking, you are accepting the conditions on the signage. Thus an agreement has been made between the driver of the car and Q-Park as administrator of the car park. It is settled case-law that infringement of parking regulations results in the issuance of a control fee. Elaboration of purely contractual matters is stated in section 1 of the Danish Contracts Act.

  • No, even in a hired car, you are responsible for how the vehicle is parked. It is irrelevant who owns the vehicle in this context, as it is primarily the driver of a vehicle who is legally liable for a control fee

Parking permissions

Online parking

  • Log on to and select the car park you wish to order a season ticket for (select from the list of car parks).
  • You can pay with Dankort, Visa, MasterCard or Visa Debit card.
  • We always recommend that you book ahead, so you are guaranteed a parking space.
  • You will receive an on-screen confirmation as soon as your booking has been made. You will also receive an email confirmation for the booking.
  • It depends on the type of ticket you have purchased. With a Single ticket, your car must remain in the car park for the duration of your booking. You will not be able to exit and enter multiple times. With a Multi ticket, you may exit and re-enter multiple times for the duration of your booking.
  • Bookings can be made up until 1 hour before your arrival at the car park.
  • This means that the booking request has failed. Please repeat the process. If you have completed the online booking without receiving a booking confirmation, please check whether the email might have ended up in your spam filter or junk mail folder. You can always contact Q-Park’s service centre (manned 24 hours a day) on +45 7025 7213 or if you are in doubt about whether your reservation has gone through.
  • Yes, all bookings are made using a secure (SSL) connection, so you have nothing to worry about. Your personal data is protected when you make a booking.
  • Changing your reservation
    You cannot make changes to your reservation once it has been confirmed. You can, however, use your cancellation rights and cancel the reservation via the link in the booking confirmation email. You can then make a new reservation at You may cancel your reservation within 14 days of completing the order. 

    Cancelling your reservation
    If you wish to cancel your reservation you may do so within 14 days of completing your order. When completing an order more than 14 days in advance of your parking reservation, you may wish to add our optional cancellation insurance, which allows you a full refund on your purchase up until the selected time of arrival. 

    If you have any questions, you are very welcome to contact our 24-hour service centre on +45 7025 7213 or at You will find cancellation policy and business terms and conditions when you complete your order. 
  • If you exercise your right of cancellation, we will refund the payment received to the card used to make the booking.
  • Yes, all our prices include VAT.
  • Drive up to the boom and scan the pre-booked ticket. An entry ticket will then be printed. Remove the ticket and keep it safe, as it is your access card for entering and leaving the car park. Park your car in a vacant parking space. When you are ready to leave the car park, drive up to the exit boom and use your ticket, or go to the ticket machine if you need to pay for additional parking. Take your ticket and drive to the exit boom.
  • Simply enter ‘LEJE’ (Danish for ‘HIRE’) in the registration number field to complete your booking.
  • You will be charged for the extra parking in excess of the period paid for when you insert your parking ticket at the exit boom or in the ticket machine. The price is based on the current rates of the car park.
  • The price of your booking is shown in the confirmation email. You will also receive an invoice by email.
  • Contact our 24-hour service centre on +45 7025 7213 or send an email to If you experience problems while in the car park, please contact the car park office, or press the intercom button at the entry/exit boom or ticket machine.
  • If you just browse our website, we do not register any of your personal data. We only register personal data from visitors who explicitly and voluntarily make this information available.
    There are three ways you may explicitly and voluntarily make certain personal data available to us, and consent to us registering it:

    1. Via an email request for information
    2. Via a booking
    3. By entering a competition

    We use links throughout our website to make it easy for you to contact us via email to request information or materials, ask questions about registration, bookings or competitions, or send us comments and suggestions.

    You can also request that one of our representatives contact you, to obtain further information about our products or services. If you make such a request, we may ask you to provide information such as your name and telephone number so we can contact you.
  • We always greatly appreciate any feedback that can help us to improve our products, services or overall customer experience. Call our 24-hour service centre on +45 7025 7213 or send an email to
  • A ‘single pass' booking, allows the car to enter and leave the car park just once. As soon as the car leaves the car park the booking will expire. A ‘multi pass' booking, allows the car to enter and leave the car park as often as desired within the start and end time of the booking.

Disabled parking

  • Some parking spaces have been reserved for vehicles with a disabled parking permit. To use these parking spaces, you must have a valid disabled parking permit clearly displayed in the windscreen, so that the information is legible. The general rules of the car park must also be observed. More information is available (in Danish) from the Disabled People’s Organisations Denmark (DPOD) website.
  • In private parking areas, you must always follow the rules that apply at the given site. This means, for example, that you must pay to park, even if you park in a disabled parking space. Consult the signs on-site. If in doubt, you are welcome to call our 24-hour service centre on +45 7025 7213 or send an email to
  • A disabled parking permit only gives you permission to park in a disabled parking space. The general rules of the car park must also always be observed. This may mean, for example, that you have to remember to set your parking disc or have to pay for your parking, or that time restrictions apply.

Parking and sign rules

  • You can get help as follows:

    • If you need help setting your parking disc or understanding the general rules, call 7020 5053
    • If you have questions specific to the given site, call +45 7025 7213

    NB! You will need to know the car park number (‘pladsnummer’). You will find this number at the top of the sign stating the rules.

  • Motorcyclists must observe the same rules as drivers of other vehicles. You may not park your motorcycle in Q-Park’s car park buildings. In other parking areas, motorcycles must be parked in the areas so designated by text or symbols, on signs or the pavement. If there is no motorcycle parking area, motorcycles must be parked in marked parking bays, like other vehicles.

    In parking areas with no marked parking bays, you must park your motorcycle so that it causes as little inconvenience as possible to other users.

  • Yes, motorcycles can be issued with a control fee notice. For example, if the motorcycle is parked inappropriately and inconveniencing other users, or does not have a valid parking ticket.

    We recommend that you use a payment app to pay for parking. If you choose to buy a parking ticket, you should always keep your parking ticket/receipt as documentation. It is a good idea to take a picture of the ticket (must be legible) together with the motorcycle’s license plate, using your phone. This allows you to show that you have purchased a parking ticket if it happens to fall off the motorcycle.

  • During daytime hours, you can contact Q-Park on +45 7025 7212. If you have questions about car parks or need a parking attendant, you can contact our service centre 24 hours a day on +45 7025 7213
  • We are always keen to do things better. If you find that the signs in a parking area are inadequate, we would like to know. Contact us here. Please state the car park number (pladsnummer) or the name of the car park building, and what it is you find inadequate, so we can investigate the matter.

    You will find this number at the top of the sign stating the rules.

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