Parking and sign rules
  • You can get help as follows:

    • I If you need help setting your parking disc or understanding the general rules, call 7020 5053 
    • I If you have questions specific to the given site, call +45 7025 7213 

    NB! You will need to know the car park number (‘pladsnummer’). You will find this number at the top of the sign stating the rules.

  • Motorcyclists must observe the same rules as drivers of other vehicles. You may not park your motorcycle in Q-Park’s car park buildings.
    In other parking areas, motorcycles must be parked in the areas so designated by text or symbols, on signs or the pavement. If there is no motorcycle parking area, motorcycles must be parked in marked parking bays, like other vehicles.

    In parking areas with no marked parking bays, you must park your motorcycle so that it causes as little inconvenience as possible to other users.

  • Yes, motorcycles can be issued with a control fee notice. For example, if the motorcycle is parked inappropriately and inconveniencing other users, or does not have a valid parking ticket.

    We recommend that you use a payment app to pay for parking. If you choose to buy a parking ticket, you should always keep your parking ticket/receipt as documentation. It is a good idea to take a picture of the ticket (must be legible) together with the motorcycle’s license plate, using your phone. This allows you to show that you have purchased a parking ticket if it happens to fall off the motorcycle.

  • During daytime hours, you can contact Q-Park on +45 7025 7212. If you have questions about car parks or need a parking attendant, you can contact our service centre 24 hours a day on +45 7025 7213
  • We are always keen to do things better. If you find that the signs in a parking area are inadequate, we would like to know. Contact us here. Please state the car park number (pladsnummer) or the name of the car park building, and what it is you find inadequate, so we can investigate the matter. 

    You will find this number at the top of the sign stating the rules. 

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