Appeal Form

Please note: Due to GDPR only the driver of the vehicle can file a complaint regarding the control fee. In order to have your complaint processed, you must therefore, as the driver of the vehicle, provide your full name and address as well as the control fee number (‘Afgiftsnummer’). We are unable to process complaints from anyone other than the driver of the vehicle and complaints that do not contain the above information.

Complaints from a third party will only be processed if the driver of the vehicle authorizes this by sending us a valid, written power of attorney.


You can find the seven digit number at the top of your control fee notice
The code is a number between 1 and 12. You can find it under ‘Årsag’ (Reason) just below the control fee notice number (Afgiftsnummer).
PLEASE NOTE: We need the name of the person who was the driver of the vehicle when the control fee notice was issued. The driver may be different to the vehicle owner, but this is not relevant in relation to the control fee.
Street name and house number of the driver of the vehicle
Explain why you believe that the control fee is not justified

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