Snow is falling!

Most of us are probably hoping for a white Christmas, even if the white blanket of snow often causes some challenges in traffic. And what about the rules for parking in snowy weather?
The rules for parking are the same all year round – regardless of the weather. If there is a requirement for a parking permit, you must use one in in all types of weather. If there is a time limit of, for example, 2 hours - then it must be observed in both summer and winter.

But what if my car is covered in snow?
If the car is covered in snow, the control fee agent will very carefully brush the snow away from the windshield to be able to see if the parking disc is set correctly or if there is a valid permit. If the car is covered, the control fee agent will carefully lift the cover.

There are exceptions
If snow is falling in such large quantities that your parked car is snowed in, you cannot move the car in time. If the authorities advise against driving, of course you won't be able to move the car either. And the control fee agents will, of course, not drive out either. But once it is possible and permitted to drive again, the parking control will also resume, and we will expect you to move your car as soon as possible.

"Our parking attendants show sound judgement when there is a lot of snow, but if you find yourself in a situation where you cannot comply with the rules and move your car in time - for example, if you have an engine stop, our are snowed in or otherwise stuck, then you can contact our 24-hour Service Centre on telephone +45 7025 7213 and make an agreement about when the vehicle will be collected. Should you receive a control fee that you believe has been wrongly imposed due to the situation, you can file a complaint via our website. Then our case handlers will make a concrete assessment", says Alex Pedersen, managing director of Q-Park.

One could perhaps add that if you find yourself in a situation where it is impossible to comply with the regulations due to the weather, e.g. the engine stops or you are stuck, then you must contact the Service Centre and make an agreement with them about when the vehicle will be removed.

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