Tired of looking for a parking spot in Copenhagen? Or do you simply leave the car at home to avoid looking for a spot in the city. From January 1st the City of Copenhagen is removing 650 parking spots in the city center. Luckily Q-Park still has space for you. 

Are you tired of looking for parking in Copenhagen? Or do you skip taking the car altogether because you don't know where to park it?

Copenhagen Municipality will close 650 parking spaces in the city center on January 1st. However there is still plenty of space to take the car into the city!

Q-Park has over 3,000 spaces in central locations throughout Copenhagen. Close to popular destinations and public transport. No matter where you want to park in Copenhagen, there is always a Q-Park facility nearby.

It is always a good idea to park at Q-Park

Whether you are visiting Copenhagen for the sights, shopping, restaurants or to attend a meeting or event, Q-Park has a place for you. You can park easily and safely in one of Q-Park's central parking facilities in the city center.

Book your parking and drive directly to your spot

You can make it even easier by booking your parking in advance at q-park.dk. 

Here you can find good deals on parking throughout the city. And with a booking you can drive directly to your spot in the middle of Copenhagen.


You drive in and out with number plate recognition, and the payment is managed from home.

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