Parking Solutions for Business and Residential

Fleet Management

Manage all your parking rights in our user-friendly platform and give employees instant access.
Everything in one place In the Fleet Management Portal, you can view, delegate and revoke all your companies' parking rights. Everything is in one place and it's easy to make quick changes. For example, a parking right can be quickly transferred from one employee to another without contacting Q-Park.

The Q-Park Fleet Management Portal is available to companies whose employees park in centrally located barrier parking facilities and number plate recognition.
How does it work?
  • If your company needs to manage more than five parking rights, you get access to the Fleet Management Portal, which you log into with your My Q-Park login information. (Our sales department will help you all the way, and with the login information)
  • Once logged into the portal, you can quickly assign employees parking rights using only their name and email address
  • The employee will be sent an e-mail with instructions on how to use the parking right
  • The employee can manage his parking right himself and, for example, change his license plate
  • Contactless parking
  • Quick access to the car park with license plate recognition
  • Overview of all your parking rights
  • View, allocate and revoke parking privileges