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Visitor Parking

Learn about Q-Park's digital guest parking solution for your customers and guests in our centrally located parking facilities

Easily book parking for your guests online

Do you often receive visitors to your business and don´t have your own parking spaces to offer your guests and customers? No problem, Q-Park has the solution. With Visitor Parking, you can easily and quickly reserve a parking space for your guests and customers in one of Q-Park's centrally located car parks.


What is Visitor Parking from Q-Park?

  • Digitally - Book parking for guests and customers in one of Q-Park's parking facilities and let them drive directly to parking with number plate recognition.
  • Flexible - You choose the parking duration yourself - from one hour to several days. With fixed or optional arrival time.
  • Uncomplicated - Your guest is guaranteed to find a parking space nearby and on time. You manage the reservation online quickly and easily.

    Visitor parking is free to use. You only pay for your guests' parking. Should we find the perfect solution for you?


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How it works
  • Book parking for the guest in the parking facility via the online portal
  • The guest receives an e-mail with all necessary information about the booking
  • The guest can add or correct the number plate via the link in the e-mail
  • The guest drives to the car park at the booked starting time
  • The barrier opens automatically at the entrance and exit when the registered number plate is scanned
  • You receive a combined invoice for all guest parking session once a month