Partnering Options Leave the operation, sales and marketing of your parking facility to Q-Park as a fixed lease, on a management agreement or by selling the facility to us.
Q-Park also works with municipalities and developers to manage the amount of cars in the city. We would very much like to find the best possible solution for you.
Read more about the options we have to offer here or contact us here for more information.
Management Agreement

You have the option of owning the equipment yourself, or you can let Q-Park deliver everything. You can leave maintenance and cleaning to us, or you can let your own staff take care of it. Regardless of which solution is right for you, you always get Q-Park's high level of quality. We arrange your car park in the well-known and user-friendly Q-Park style.

Lease Agreement You can choose to lease your parking facility to Q-Park and leave all aspects of the operation to us.
You secure the value of your property. We enter into long-term and valuable leases and take over responsibility for your building.

Q-Park has an extensive property portfolio and knows how to optimise a property's value.
We make all the necessary investments in the maintenance of the building throughout the life of the contract.
Design Centre The design of your parking facility has a great influence on both earnings, operational reliability and your customers' satisfaction.

Q-Park Design Centre in the Netherlands are experts in the design of parking facilities and know everything about how to construct buildings in harmony with the surroundings. They are actually so skilled that they have won several European Parking Awards.

We share that expertise across seven countries. So when you choose Q-Park as a business partner for your parking facility, you get Q-Park's total design knowledge.
Urban Partner The amount of cars in the cities is a societal challenge that the public sector cannot handle alone.

Q-Park collaborates with municipalities and city developers to design, upgrade and operate parking facilities that increase the value of cities and regions.

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