24 hour ticket Codanhus

24 hour ticket to Q-Park Codanhus

You are guaranteed a spot and can drive out of the parking facility and return as often as you like within the booked time slot. Your 24-hour period starts when you drive into the parking facility for the first time

Vodroffsvej 1 1900 Frederiksberg C.
  • 24 hour parking at Q-Park Codanhus
  • Near theaters, restaurants and shopping
  • Save on parking
Public transport from Codanhus
Q-Park Codanhus is centrally located at the border between Frederiksberg and the city center. A short walk away from Vesterport train station and multiple bus and taxi options.
Q-Park Codanhus
  • Q-Park Codanhus entry
Q-Park Codanhus

The barrier will open automatically when you approach the entry to the parking facility. You may exit and re-enter the parking facility as often as you like within you booked parking time.

Did you not book enough time?

No problem. Please stay with us as long as you like. The standard tariff will automatically be charged to the payment card you registered with your booking.

If you arrive ahead of time before your booked time has started (up to two hours), the barrier will open automatically, and you will be charged the standard tariff as well.

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Q-Park Codanhus
Vodroffsvej 1
1900 Frederiksberg C.
Parking spaces:
Disabled spaces:
Electric charging points:
Drive through height (in metres):
2.00 m
Other questions?
You can contact us Monday - Friday between 09h00 and 15h00 on tel. +45 7025 7212.