How do I use my QuickCard?

Scan your QuickCard at the entry and exit barriers. The barrier will open automatically. Your entry and exit times will be registered. No need to think about tickets or payment. We collate all your transactions in one monthly invoice.

PLEASE NOTE: From January 1st, 2024 all private QuickCards will be subject to a monthly fee of DKK 50.00. Download the Q-Park App to park quickly and without additional fees.

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QuickCards for business

Click the botton above  and complete your order. Send us on email at including your order number and the total number of QuickCards you require. You can simply forward the conformation email you get after completing your order.

Where can I use my QuickCard?

Some Q-Park barrier facilities use automated number plate recognition. If you are using EasyPark or Q-Park App, please remember to deactive automated number plate recognition in the EasyPark app BEFORE arriving at the parking facility.  In the Q-Park App you can deactivate this feature for each parking facility individually.


If you have activated automated number plate recognition, your parking session with EasyPark or the Q-Park App will start automatically, the barrier will open before you take a ticket, and you will not be able to pay with your QuickCard.


In the list below, all facilities using ANPR are marked with a *. This includes all barrier facilities in Copenhagen.

Parking facilites accepting QuickCard

Want to find out more about this season ticket?

Contact our Sales department on +45 7025 7212 or at


QuickCard betingelser

You can read about our specific season ticket terms here.

You can cancel your Quick Card with one day´s notice. 

See terms and examples of cancellation notices here


  • We send all our mail as express mail. If you have not received your season ticket within 10 days, please contact us at, so we can send you a new one. 
  • If your season ticket does not work or has gone missing, please send an email to Please state your customer number.

  • If you wish to cancel your season ticket, a written cancellation must be sent to Please state your customer or card numbers, and the desired cancellation date. We will send you a confirmation. If you are cancelling your season ticket due to problems/dissatisfaction with your season ticket, we would like to the reason for that.

    NB! Please note that your cancellation date depends on your invoice period. Cancellation must be no later than 30 days prior to your invoice period. See the settlement periods below:  

    • Monthly settlement: Current month plus one month.
    • Quarterly settlement:  Cancellation date 31 March, 30 June, 30 September and 31 December, provided that the cancellation is received at least one month prior.
    • Half-yearly settlement: Cancellation date 30 Juni and 31 December, provided that the cancellation is received at least one month prior.
    • Annual settlement: Cancellation date 31 December, provided that the cancellation is received at least one month prior.
  • Find all types of season tickets on this page or select your parking facility here
Other questions?
You can contact us Monday - Friday between 09h00 and 15h00 on tel. +45 7025 7212.